Thursday, February 23, 2012

Proposal Writing & Research Methodology Workshop

Hi Assalamualaikum guys!

How was your day? Hope everything going well as what you plan and wish for, InshaAllah.

Last weeks, on 18-19 February I had attended workshop for Proposal Writing and Research Methodology.

I have no intend and interest to go at first but then I found all the topics that will be discuss are very important for my research so I make a decision to attend this seminar.

Guess what, I’m totally have no idea about these topics at first but at the end, I manage to understand a little bit of what is Research Methodology and what are criteria’s to write a Proposal.

Here, I share with you topics that been discuss at the workshop and if you want the details on certain topic, you may ask me personally. I’ll try to discuss with you and we can exchange information.

1. The General Format of A Postgraduate Thesis Proposal according to the Qualitative Research Method and Field Research (Dr. Shamsuddun Taya)

2. The Literature Review, Developing the Conceptual Framework, Research Objectives, Research Question (Dr. Muhammad Subhan Ishak)

3. The Role of Theory in Postgraduate Research (Prof. Dato’ Dr. Abdul Kadir Lebai Din)

4. Research Design and Developing the Instrument (Dr. Lim Khong Chiu)

5. The General Format of A Postgraduate Thesis Proposal according to the Quantitative Research Method (Dr. Asmat Nizam Abdul Talib)

6. What are the Examiners Looking For in a Good Thesis (Prof Dr. Pazim@Fadzim Othman)

7. Data Collection (Dr. Badriya P. Makol)

8. Data Analysis and Conclusion (Dr. Sabariah Yaakub)

9. Qualitative and Legal Research (Dr. Admad Masum)

These are all the topics and presenters who are very kind to share about their expertise. Most of them are more than 10 years in that specific field.

Honestly, lots of input can be absorbed from this workshop and it worth it!

I hope that this kind of seminar will be held frequently because for some researcher like me, who have no knowledge in doing research, this is a very good starting point for us.

It helps a lot and if you guys have something to share with me, you are welcome to do that.

At the end of the seminar, we get a certificate from UUM but what important is the knowledge that we get.

By the way, if my grammar is not good, do correct me. I’m in the process of learning. :-)

Till we meet again, InshaAllah.


  1. Bestnye. Have been thinking about pursuing masters. Muaz, sambung masters kat uum is it?

  2. alaaaa weh yeke sambung kat uum? sane requirement pointer brape? heee. nak details muazzz ;)

    1. yup2..aku sambung kt uum..=)

      kau nk amek bidang ape ek?

      klw berkaitan business, leh rujuk web ni-->

      klw bkaitan social science or slaen dr business tgk sini -->

      klw law or what so ever bkaitan law,tgk sini -->


    2. aku nak amek business la. probably marketing. since aku kan keje in amrketing skrg. nak pursue tp fulus takde. cemane muaz? nasihat kau?

    3. ouhhhh...bab fulus mmg slalu akan jd 1st problem..kau bleh pilih if kau nk trus keje,kau boleh mntak financial support dari company yg kau keje tu..kalau x pun, ade byk scholar yg kau bleh nk apply scholar tu biasenye kne setelkn proposal yg diluluskn supervisor laa..=)

  3. muaz, sorry lmbt reply. aku nak tanye lg.
    ok fulus mmg my main prob. katelah kalau anak apply master, pastuh ade rezeki then dapat lah offer so brape fulus yg nak pakai awal2 tuh before my proposal get submitted? Adela saving sikit2. tp sikit yo :p